Character Creation

This is a more controlled adaptation of the random character generation tables found on the Margaret Weis website. No rules above and beyond those necessary for character creation will be present on this wiki.

Pick an Origin

Mutant: One Power Set

One additional SFX
Step up one trait
Automatically have “Mutant” limit
One additional Limit

Mutant: Two Power Sets

Automatically have “Mutant” limit on at least one Power Set

Altered Human: One Power Set

One additional SFX
One additional Power Trait at D8
One additional Expert Specialty

Altered Human: Two Power Sets

One additional Expert Specialty

Non-Human: One Power Set

Two additional SFX
One additional Limit
One additional Power Trait at D6

Non-Human: Two Power Sets

One additional SFX in Primary Power Set

Trained Human: One Power Set

One additional Expert Specialty
Two additional Master Specialty

Trained Human: Two Power Sets

One must represent equipment and have “Gear” limit (or similar)
One additional Expert Specialty

Mix and Match: Two Power Sets (Watcher’s discretion)

Wolverine was a Mutant and an Altered Human: Weapon X
Captain America was a Trained Human and an Altered Human: Super Soldier

Choose Affiliation Dice

Assign D6, D8, and D10 classifications to Solo, Buddy, and Team Affiliations
Roll a D6:
1: Solo D10, Buddy D8, Team D6
2: Solo D10, Buddy D6, Team D8
3: Solo D8, Buddy D10, Team D6
4: Solo D8, Buddy D6, Team D8
5: Solo D6, Buddy D10, Team D8
6: Solo D6, Buddy D8, Team D10

Create Power Sets

Each Power Set represents a group of abilities around a common theme. All traits of a single set are linked by that theme. For instance, Wolverine’s Adamantium Claws could fall under a “Weapon X” Power Set, while his Senses and Reflexes would belong under an “Animal Instincts” Power Set.

Primary Power Set

-Start with one Godlike (D12) trait plus any additional ones from your origin
-To gain additional traits, step back a die and double it (there are no D4 traits)
∙A D12 is worth two D10 traits
∙A D10 is worth two D8 traits
∙A D8 is worth two D6 traits (OR an extra SFX)
∙Example: Step back the D12 to get two D10s, step back one of those to get two D8s, giving you two D8s and a D10
∙Keep in mind: some traits are impractical at D6 (Senses/Reflexes) or D12 (Teleport)level

Secondary Power Set

-Start with one Superhuman (D10) trait
-Gain additional traits through the same process outlined above

Each Power Set also comes with one SFX and one Limit (plus any additional ones from your origin. These relate to and affect the Power Traits in their Power Sets.

Attack Powers (Blasts, Weapons)
Elemental Control Powers (Air, Cosmic, Darkforce, Earth, Electric, Fire/Heat, Gravity, Ice/Cold, Kinetic/Telekinetic, Light, Magnetic, Sonic, Technology, Weather, Water)
Movement Powers (Speed, Flight, Swingline, Airwalking, Burrowing, Leaping, Swimming)
Psychic Powers (Mind Control, Telepathy, Animal Control, Plant Control)
Resistance Powers
Size-Changing Powers (Growth, Shrinking)


Characters start with three Expert (D8) Specialties, plus any additional ones from origin backgrounds. Two Expert Specialties can be sacrificed for an additional Master (D10) specialty, or vice versa.

-Some Specialties will be required (Watcher’s discretion) based on a character’s power sets.
-Specialties List:


Distinctions are the facets of your character that could help or hinder you during combat or other action. They can fall into many categories, but don’t necessarily merit a Specialty or fit within a Power Trait. Some categories and examples include:
∙Personality Trait (Natural Leader, Quick to Anger, Uncompromising)
∙Outlook/Reputation (Hardheaded Futurist, Misunderstood Menace, Never Grows Up)
∙History/Backstory (Criminal Past, Mysterious Destiny, Texas Farmboy)
∙Catchphrase/Title (Defender of Justice, “Smash!”)
∙Notable Feature (Alluring, Cutting Edge Tech, World-Class Intellect)
∙Profession (Ace Reporter, Billionaire Playboy, Russian Superspy)


Characters have personal goals and trials that are represented by Milestones. Milestones can be based on any aspect of your character, including Affiliation, Origin, Powers, Distinctions, or Specialties. Each Milestone has three triggers that grant the Hero various ammounts of XP. Like distinctions, these are hand-tailored to each Hero, defining something he or she must overcome or a certain goal.

Character Creation

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